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Love in the time of change

Prompt: AlphaCastiel/OmegaDean, transformation, m-preg
Words: 2736
A/N: Unbetaed prompt fill for a nonnie over at spnkink_meme
Here is the continuation no one asked for.
Unrequested part three is also up.

Dean hasn't puked like this since he was a kid. He's kneeling in front of the toilet, sitting back on his heels, waiting for the next wave of nausea to come.

"Cas," he bleats wondering how the angel could sleep so peacefully. They had eaten the same thing last night. "Cas, babe?"

He retches again, now only spilling bile. A soothing hand is placed on his back and Dean can feel the familiar Grace entering him and trying to find what is causing him to be ill. It suddenly withdraws and his angel is backing up a few steps, looking at his mate with wide eyes.

"What is it?" Dean asks, sniffing and wiping the back of his mouth with his hand. "Cas? I still feel like shit why didn't that work?"

Castiel shakes his head. "My Grace can find nothing wrong with you."

Dean goes to protest but as his mouth opens, he's vomiting again. He feels his angel come sit back down with him, rubbing his back and humming.

"Let's get you back in bed and see if someone has any answers."

He can't disagree and he takes Cas up on the offer to make him sleep. It's not restful by any means, more unconscious twitching and clutching at his pained stomach. He wakes up to several voices whispering down the hall. It takes him several minutes to get up as his is head spinning and entirely too long to get down the hall to the living room where Cas is standing with Inias and Sam, arguing in whispered, harsh tones.

They all hush as soon as Dean hits the entryway, causing Dean to make a face as he leans against the doorjamb. “What’s going on?”

He tries to sound nonchalant, like he doesn’t know it was him they were just talking about him. His angel is urging him to sit and he complies wordlessly, lowering onto the couch and trying to ignore the pain in his abdomen.

“We’re mated, right?” It seems like a funny question to ask.

“I prefer the term big gay married, but yeah Cas, what does this have to do with you not being able to heal me?”

“It has nothing to do with my inabilities to heal,” Castiel corrects and Dean thinks it’s a bad time to be getting defensive.

“He can’t heal you because there is nothing wrong with you,” Inias interjects.

Dean can’t help but notice Sam is looking at the bookshelf like it’s the most interesting thing in the world, a small smile trying to be forced away.

“I told you about the differences, in angels right,” Castiel reminds Dean, placing a hand on his leg and giving it a little squeeze.

“Yeah,” Dean fits his hand over Cas’, “got me an alpha angel.” His lame joke is clipped by another wave of nausea.

Castiel has the decency to lean in and whisper into his ear to tell him that he’s becoming Cas’ omega. The simple statement has the human dumbstruck for a solid minute. Inias is nearly besides himself but all Sam is doing is rolling the model of his car on the bookshelf back and forth with one finger.

“But I’m human,” Dean protests, looking from Cas’ face to Inias’ to Sam’s.

Sam snorts and drags his attention away from the model and the shelf to give Dean a knowing look. “Not any more, technically.”

“You’re being rearranged, transformed.” Inias explains, looking a little too happy for Dean’s taste. “I for one always knew you two should be together, but now this is proof that the host was wrong. Your mating has been blessed by Father.”

“So that means?” Dean doesn’t want to finish the question. He knows what angelic omegas are for. He looks down at his lap. “I think I need to get back in bed.”

Cas nods, helping him up. Dean would bat him away, tell him he’s fine, but he’s not and there’s something wheedling in the back of his skull telling him it would be wrong to do so. His angel makes him sleep again, without even having to be asked.


Dean wakes in the early morning of the next day, confused, scared but at least no longer in pain. Cas is sitting next to him in bed, cross-legged and shirtless while he reads a book with Enochian on the cover. His wings have manifested and they’re tracing over Dean’s body, something usually reserved for post-sex bliss.

“You feeling better?” Cas asks with a soft smile. The book snaps shut and is set aside but the long flight feathers continue their travels over the lines of his mate’s torso and legs.

“I’m not in any pain.” Dean looks upward, hands behind his head. “I have a funny feeling you’re about to give me more bad news though.”

“It depends on what your definition is of bad news.” Castiel looks at him sadly.

“Just out with it.”

The slightest hesitation on his angel’s part tells Dean that he is really not going to like this. “You’re pregnant.”

“I’m a guy.” It’s a weak protest, Dean knows what Inias had meant about transformation.

“You’re a naturally evolved angelic omega, biological sex doesn’t play a part.”

“Just tell me you didn’t know this was going to happen.” Dean can’t stand the idea that he’s been betrayed.

“Of course not,” Castiel reassures his mate truthfully. “This is the first case ever documented of a human becoming an omega.”

“Great so not only am I part girl and pregnant, all the angels are going to want to come poke at me like a lab rat.” He rolls over away from his mate, still feeling slightly betrayed even though it’s apparently not anyone’s fault.

“Unfortunately yes,” the angel agrees, “I’ve sent several away in the past thirty six hours.” He pauses and sucks in a breath. “Dean there are those that may want to take the child, you may not be safe.”

Dean can sense Castiel shifting behind him, unease settling into the angelic body as he opens his mouth to speak again. “Dean, I can abort the fetus from you. I understand that this is…”

“No!” Dean interjects harshly, turning over to face Castiel. “Just don’t tell anyone that was an option, okay?”

“Of course Dean.”

The human doesn’t miss the unmistakable look of relief in his mate’s face as Cas reaches over and tousles his hair with a sad smile.


Dean is lying on the couch eyes up to the ceiling. He’s alone for one of those precious few moments and his hand creeps up under his t-shirt touching his ribs tentatively. He traces his fingers down the ribs, coming the ends. Instead of his abdomen sloping downwards slightly there is a gentle rise to it.

It’s been three months since his transformation. His initial reaction had been abject depression. This, coupled with the danger of bringing the first human angel hybrid into the world caused Castiel to deem that he shouldn’t be left alone for too long. So when Cas was out doing angel things, other angels, or Sam, came to sit with him, calm his nausea and pains, make sure he got something to eat and ensure that Dean did nothing to harm himself.

Despite their creepy fascination with him, Dean was starting to like it more when the angels came. Inias treated him fairly normally, getting Dean to teach him how to play video games and never asking how he felt or what he was experiencing. Sam was easily the worst. He called Dean ‘momma’ under his breath and if Dean had any sort of reaction to it, he accused him of having mood swings, which while technically true was not what Dean wanted to hear.

It wouldn’t have been so hard if he wasn’t secretly happy Castiel and he would have the one thing that their family had been missing. They had talked about adoption a few times but it had never really come to fruition, mostly due to their lack of real legal identities.

Still, he liked being a dude. He liked his dick and goddamit a dude wasn’t supposed to slick up every time they got the tiniest bit horny. That had been a rude awakening. Good ol’ Castiel, doing just about anything to take Dean’s mind of his current condition had been nipping gently at his earlobe and rubbing his wings down Dean’s back. It felt good, it usually did but then Dean’s boxers were wet, wet and getting wetter. He had jumped off the embarrassed that he had just come all over himself from a back rub.

Cas had bitten his lip, looking away as Dean realized where it was coming from. Dean had affected his best brave smile and played it off, joking that they wouldn’t need lube any more. And while the sex had felt amazing and Dean had come untouched for the first time in a while he couldn’t help but feel a little hollow and violated and hoped to god Cas couldn’t feel that with his Grace.


At five months the Nephilim, which Dean has learned is the proper term for a half human, half angel baby, begins to move. He’s got the appearance of having a bit of a beer gut and he’s stopped leaving the house, stopped getting dressed. Sometimes he doesn’t get out of the bed for days. This is one such day, he’s on his fourth stretch of laying in bed, covers pulled up to his chin since he's not alone, the TV in the room playing an old kung fu movie.

Inias has pulled up a chair to sit behind Dean, occasionally cooling a towel on his head with a touch as the omega had been running a low grade fever. He asks harmless questions about the movie. Dean answers them, wondering why the angel is here when his mate and other angels can be heard within the house. Surely they're more interesting than an old movie and a morose human.

Inias gets up for whatever reason, excusing himself and Dean finds his body being pressed against. His nose fills with his mate’s scent as Cas wraps himself around Dean, pressing a hand to the underside of his distended abdomen.

“He’s moving,” the angel comments but Dean doesn’t answer. “You should too. Get up, come see what Balthazar and Gabriel have done.”

Dean rolls over, eyes wide wondering what the two could have possibly done and why Cas is so calm about it. This is met with a laugh and a snort. “No, it’s a good thing. In fact I think it might be some sort of apology.”

Dean’s more than confused but he says nothing as Cas molds him upright and helps him get into the oversized hoodie he wears when anyone but Cas is looking at him. He’s led quietly to the room Cas and he had mostly been using for storing a few books in boxes. His angel gives him a little smile as he opens the door.

“Mazel tov!” Gabriel yells as the door opens, revealing a nursery done up in greens and browns. Every piece of extravagant furniture or toy is accounted for and there are several bags at the foot of the crib from a ritzy children’s clothing store.

Dean balks at first, mouth agape. He had been so preoccupied with feeling sorry for himself, he had completely forgot about the logistical aspects of having a kid. The poor thing wasn’t even alive yet and he was already a shitty father. “It’s nice,” he thanks Gabriel and Balthazar who is busy taking the clothes out of the bags and putting them away.

His voice comes out a little flat and he can tell the angels are disappointed with his reaction. “No, it’s great really,” he tries again with a small smile. “I really like it, I’m just,” a sigh escapes his lips, “tired.”

This garners a few sympathetic smiles and nods. Balthazar insists on giving him a tour of the new stuff and Dean, actually grateful someone had the wherewithal to get his kid the stuff it was going to need.


Dean hasn’t left the house in three and a half months. His body has lost the potbelly look. It is indisputable what is going on in his stomach now. He’s sitting in the rocker in the nursery, face near expressionless as he gaze falls unfocused on something out the window.

Cas is at his feet, going through the latest batch of baby presents. Angels, it seems, are extravagant leaving Dean to wonder why people need three different strollers. (One for jogging, one for quick trips and one for long trips apparently.) Their house could be easily mistaken for a store, there is so much baby stuff in it.

“I’m going to go put this box of stuff he won’t need for a few months in the attic,” his mate informs him. “I’ll be back.”

Dean doesn’t answer, he doesn’t even blink, but Castiel is used to his withdrawn mannerisms now and just continues on his business. He’s terrified. He can’t make himself talk because if he opens his mouth he’ll cry in fear. Cas had explained how the baby would be born if it happened the way it does to other omegas naturally. And his mate wasn’t one to leave out details. The other option was Caesarian but that involved dragging him up to heaven or human doctors and there were just certain things the civilian population wasn’t ready for.

The angels are formulating a plan to do this on earth and it’s almost completed but with only two weeks to go Dean’s afraid he’ll go into labor and have to do it naturally before hand.

Two weeks pass slowly. It’s the day after the speculated due date and Dean is so tense he can’t think straight, let a lone move. He aches all the time and walking is damn near impossible. He’s sitting in the rocker again gaze fixed once more out the window. There is a commotion in the front of the house and he jumps slightly.

Castiel and Balthazar burst through the door, pulling him up to his feet and throwing a blanket over his shoulders. “The place has been secured but they want to do it now,” Cas explains hugging Dean to him before letting Balthazar support some of the teetering human’s weight. “Are you ready?”

Deans nods and tries to smile, “I have to be don’t I?”

“We should go,” Balthazar reminds them curtly.

The human closes his eyes as he feels the atmosphere change and then his bare feet are on a different surface. He looks around, at the white sterile surroundings and the medical table in the center. “Where are we?”

“Barstow,” Cas explains already moving Dean to the table where two figures stand in surgical gear. “It’s Gabriel’s but it’s sterile and we have the angel equivalent of a surgical team.”

“However this place is teeming with Grace so we must act quickly lest someone that wants to take your Nephilim detect it.” Balthazar adds quickly.

Dean sits on the edge of the table. Cas presses into him, kissing his forehead and shoving the blanket and sweatshirt off his shoulders. “You won’t be awake,” he explains, “but I will be here the entire time, okay?”

He can only nod as he lays back, looking down at his stomach than up to Cas eyes.

“I love you, Dean,” his eyes are happy and Dean thinks that maybe it’s time he lets himself be happy too. “I’m so sorry you had to go through this.”

Dean shakes his head. “No, I love you and I’m sorry I was such a crappy patient.”

One of the doctor figures urgently instructs Cas that they need to move and the angel presses his hand against his mate’s head. “Sleep Dean.”


Dean wakes up in his own bed. He’s on his back and he immediately feels that he’s lighter. His hands fly to his abdomen. It’s still slightly distended but he doesn’t seem to have stitches. Of course, Dean thinks to himself, grace would heal the incision but find nothing wrong with the (un)natural effects of pregnancy.

He looks around the room, settling his eyes on Cas in a chair holding a small bundle, looking down at it affectionately. There is a flash of black hair, peeking out from the top and Dean’s heart leaps. “Cas,” he whispers.

The angel uncurls himself from the chair, striding over the few steps to the edge of the bed. Dean pushes himself up to lean against the headboard and reach out to take his son. His eyes well and he’s choking back a sob as his eyes land on the tiny face. He looks up to his mate, as if seeking confirmation that the past nine months actually happened.

Castiel’s eyes are leaking tears as well and Dean doesn’t even try to hold back.

“Hey Kiran,” he whispers, “I’m so very glad to finally meet you.”


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Awww, loved this.

I should probably mention that I was the OP for the prompt*g*
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Beautiful story! Thank you.
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God I just love this fic. Great work on making Dean an omega!
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Thanks, I think even canon!dean would take to it given that I believe he has a nurturing side.
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